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We provide music lessons for the following instruments:

Guitar- Bass- Piano- Organ- Flute- Clarinet Saxophone- Voice- Banjo- Mandolin- Drums and more!

Music builds learning skills 
Childhood is the perfect time to start exploring the arts. Music enhances natural creative impulses, and helps them develop the skills they need to concentrate, cooperate, coordinate, and express themselves.  
Proven research
Studies have shown that music can promote problem solving and better listening skills, concentration, emotional growth and self esteem.

Adults benefit from lessons too!  Everyone has their own innate musical talent, and a private teacher can help you discover yours. Your teacher will develop customized lesson plans that incorporate technical and artistic development into your musical interests. Whatever your level, whatever your available time, you can master an instrument if you practice consistently.

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We are located at: 1700 East Washington St / Hwy 33 between St. Vincent De Paul and Piggly Wiggly
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